Modding Casemod/Casecon

For modding enthusiasts, we have prepared two highly interesting competitions, Casecon and Casemod, for those who want to start from a box or prefer building mods starting from 0.

This year, we are resetting the mod list. Therefore, anyone with a mod may participate, regardless of whether s/he has participated during other years. Moreover, if you have a worklog, in addition to getting more points, we will project it on screen. If not, we will see to taking photos.


This consists of modifying a PC based on a normal computer casing. There are no limits on usable materials.


This consists of building the machine from scratch or departing from something which, in principle, is not a PC casing. There are no limits on size or materials to use to build the PC.


  1. Only those with the accreditation of Euskal Encounter participants will be able to participate.
  2. Registration will be carried out via the Euskal Encounter intranet.
  3. A number of characteristics will be evaluated from 0 to 10.
  4. Each characteristic will be evaluated based on the work or modifications carried out.
  5. The ratings will be carried out by the organisation.
  6. The pc may not be submitted the following year if it has been on the podium at some encounter, unless significant changes are made.
  7. Each case must have been constructed by the participant.
  8. Features for evaluation can score positively or negatively.
    • Originality
    • Cleaning
    • Cable management
    • Worklog
    • Operation of components
    • Air cooling (airflow)
    • Lighting
    • Methacrylate/Plastic work
    • Liquid cooling custom
    • Metal work
    • Wired sleeve
    • Work using other materials
    • Innovation
    • Eskulangintza
    • 3D Printing work / CNC milling machine
    • Electronics / Robotics
    • Painting work
    • Integration of other components
    • Vinyl work
    • Finish, Overall integration and aesthetics
    • Digital work
  9. You can participate individually or in teams, but in an exclusive manner. Therefore, members of a participating group may not participate individually and a group may not participate if one of its members is already participating. Participating teams will have to inform the organisation of the names of the group members.
  10. Participants must be present during the scoring phase to answer any questions that the jury may have.
  11. Each participant must be accredited in the Intranet.
  12. If there are any doubts on the application of the regulations, the Hardware organisation will decide on this application.
  13. Any breach of any of the rules will lead to the disqualification of the participant, as well as any cheating in terms of participation or authorship of the work involved. Depending on the seriousness of the breach, other measures may be taken.
  14. Each participant will be contacted by the organization and will be assigned one hour to go to see their pc.
  15. All entrants agree to the conditions and rules of the Casecon/Casemod competition.

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