K-pop Dance Contest

It’s time to practice! For the first time at Euskal Encounter, the K-POP contest will be held on Friday, July 26, at the main stage of BEC Pavilion 3, Opengune zone. FREE ENTRY – a unique chance to show your talent interpreting your favorite hits.


  1. The Contest will take place on July 26 from 16:00 up to 19:00.                             
  2. The minimum age for joining is 12.
  3. There will be 30 slots: 15 for groups (maximum 10 members), and 15 for soloists. No one can join in both categories.

Once the slots are filled, two waiting lists will be drawn up: one for reserve groups and the other for soloists in case some group and/or soloist withdraws.

  1. All the slots will be available on the online registration (by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Registration will open on July 20 (Saturday) at 12:00 (midday) and close on July 25 at the same time.

The following data will be given on registering:

  • Name of group or soloist. In the case of groups, the number of members.
  • Name of the song or remix.
  • City of residence.
  • A telephone number for contact on the same day in case of need.

If registering by email, registration will be confirmed by an e-mail response.

Should you have any doubt, requirement and/or special request, please inform by e-mail upon registration.

  1. Songs or remixes for choreographies must be Korean and may not exceed 5 minutes.
  2. Dances may be covers, choreographies by different dancing schools, or originals. The songs may be in any style, but only in the Korean language. With this in mind, covers of idols are prohibited. For ex.: Lisa’s cover (BP) of Swalla-Jason Derulo will not be allowed.
  3. The audio and/or video file must be on mp3 and must work on the latest VLC software version.

The file must be sent, at the latest, on Thursday, July 25, bearing in mind that there is no possibility of changing it.

If the song is not delivered within the deadline, you will not be able to participate. From July 20 (12:00 noon) to July 25 (12:00 noon).

  1. To facilitate the choice of songs for participants, these shall be published on an online document for display to all as registered entries are confirmed. The name of the group/soloist participating will not appear – only the song.

Should a remix be chosen, the songs used in it will appear on the list, without indicating that they form part of a remix.   

The list is as follows: 


  1. Possible changes in registration shall be handled as follows after registration:
    • A change of song is not possible. Should such a change be desired with the slots full, the solo or group participant will be wait-listed. To do this, it will be necessary to register again, facilitating the data required.
    • It will be possible to change the number of members in a group as long as a group of two or more do not become a soloist. In such a case, the person not withdrawing will be put at the end of soloist waiting list if all the slots in the category are filled.

Member changes may only be allowed up to two days before the contest (Wednesday the 24th, inclusive of the date), barring a case of emergency or force majeure.

  • Withdrawal from registration means that:
  • The group or soloist withdrawing before the contest will not be able to register again in their position, but will be put at the end of the waiting list if the slots are filled.
  • Should a group or soloist withdraw and afterward want to participate again, they will be placed at the end of the waiting list.
  • Should a group withdraw, the next group on the waiting list will be chosen to participate. This option shall only be possible up to two days before the contest; i.e.: If a group withdraws on Wednesday or Thursday, with the contest being held on Friday, NO other group will be chosen. 
    Thus, at the latest, notice shall be sent on Wednesday, July 24, to the next group on the waiting list that was chosen to participate. This same rule shall apply to the soloists’ category.
  • Should a group/soloist not perform on the day of the contest without prior notice, they shall be penalized and will not be able to participate in the next contest.
  1. All participants must be on stage at 15:45 to confirm attendance.
  2. Participants shall have a closed area where they may change (this area has no mirrors) and use the bathrooms. A secure area shall also be available for leaving backpacks and other belongings. These areas may be used all day starting at 11:00.
  3. No changes in the order of the list of participants shall be made, but the sequence of participation will be set randomly once all the slots are occupied. The order shall be published in the same online document as the chosen songs. The list of songs shall bear no relation to the sequence of participants.
  4. The following aspects shall be rated during performance:
  • Execution of the choreography
  • Difficulty of the choreography
  • Coordination
  • Originality
  • Audience interaction
  • Costumes and design
  • Fidelity of the dance/costumes.
  1. The jury shall be composed of dance professionals and shall directly choose the winners. The prizes shall be as follows::

1st Prize Solo – Coupon worth €175 to use on the entire MOD-PC catalog.

1st Prize Group – Coupon worth €75 to use on the entire MOD-PC catalog.

Should the jury consider fit, prizes may be declared vacant, Special Mentions may be created, or more than one winner may be awarded in case of a tie. The decision of the jury shall be final, not subject to appeal.

  1. In keeping with Royal Decree 137/1993 on Weapons Regulation, participants are absolutely prohibited from using firearms, metal weapons and other blunt objects or imitations thereof that may lead to confusion as to their true nature in their performances.
  2. Throwing any kind of materials that may dirty, destroy or jeopardize the physical integrity of persons or installations within Amorebieta (pyrotechnics and flammable materials, smoke machines of any sort, objects that can scratch the floor, liquids, glitter finish, confetti, feathers, etc.), and throwing objects offstage during performances is prohibited.
  3. No devices connected to the grid, a generator or any other type of connection for visual or sound effects or any other type of special effect may be used.
  4. Jumping from the stage to the audience is prohibited, and any conduct perceived by the organizers as inappropriate or obscene shall not be tolerated. In such a case, the organizers reserve the right to take the measures they may consider proper.
  5. The use of banners or advertising propaganda of any sort during the performance without authorization from the event organizers is prohibited.
  6. Participation in the contest entails the cession of image rights. For advertising purposes, images of the event participants may be used in different communications media: TV programs, internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. There will be no monetary compensation for these promotional measures.
  7. The personal data given for contest registration shall be processed confidentially in keeping with Organic Act 15/1999 dated December 13. These shall only be used to stage this contest and in no case will ceded or sold to third parties.
  8. The organizers and the jury reserve the right to adopt any initiative which, without being governed by these rules, may contribute to the greater success of the contest.
  9. Participation in the contest presupposes full acceptance of the rules.


Should you have doubts, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get in touch with us over Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spicyramenofc/

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