OMNISCON, organized by OMNIS Club, “the Oscars for content creation,” exists to reward the best content creators in Spain. 

The purpose of the awards is to acknowledge the merits of the greatest influencers in the videogame sector and the community surrounding it, giving all cybernauts on the other side of the screen their turn to participate.

The best Streamers will receive a “Golden Spider” for their arduous daily task of entertaining, accompanying, amusing and uniting their communities and the platform. This second OMNISCON edition is being held at the Euskal Encounter 27 Opengune, with guests from different parts of Spain. The gala ceremony will be conducted in Spanish and may be viewed in person and live online over the Twitch platform on the same day as the event.

Presented by Alxshow and Nebukai, it will also feature the presence of some of the best content creators on the national scene for each category.
The second OMNISCON edition includes several categories in order to assess and reward the best content creators on the platform. 

We will have the following:

  • Prize for the Best Pro Player or Competitive Streamer
  • Prize for the Best Role-player
  • Prize for the Best Teaching Content Creator
  • Prize for the Best Art and Cookery Content
  • Prize for the Best PodCaster or Journalistic Content
  • Prize for the Rookie Creator of the Year
  • Prize for the Creator of the Year
  • Prize for the Best Twitch Community or Team
  • Special Prize for the Best Creator in Encounters

Time: 20:00 Saturday the 27th

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