Euskal Drone Encounter - Drone Race

The racing drones return to the Euskal Encounter!

The collaboration between Euskal Encounter and the Euskadi Racing Drone Pilots’ Association, “Euskadi Drone Racing (E.D.R)”, has given rise to the “Euskal Drone Encounter”, this 2019 we will have talks and initiation flights for Drone baptisms. And we will extend the flight times for the euskal attendants by expanding the schedules.

26 July

From 16:00 to 20:00 Free flight on circuit adapting the batches to the participants and interspersing free runs.

27 July

10:00 Distribution of pilot credentials

10:15 Fail-safe, VTX and other requirement checks

10:45 Briefing and reconnaissance flight

11:00 Training start-up and reconnaissance flights

13:00 Race starts

19:30 Prize awards

Spectacle and adrenalin are guaranteed for both participants and audience. Come and see this Euskal Encounter 26 activity as a participant or spectator.


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