CutreBot Challenge

Prepared for the craziest and most amusing activity in the Hardware arena? Can you imagine yourselves assembling a small combat robot out of soda cans, boxes, a pair of batteries, dime-store motors and a lot of imagination?

Well, this will doubtless be your favorite competition this EE27!

The rules are simple: 6 groups of 4 or 6 members, a box of basic materials per group and a surprise box in common to all participants. Three... Two… One.... Begin! You will have 2 hours to design and assemble your small combat robot in the area prepared for the event, using the materials we will place at your disposal.  And make sure to do it well, because at the end of the building process, we want to see Blood and Bolts! The 6 teams will confront each other for a classifying round. To pass, you must neutralize your opponents’ robot and survive the time limit. In case of a tie, the judges and the audience will decide the winner. By spectacular quality, by type of blows or even by looks. Everything counts here.


Careful: the 3 winners qualified will have a final to the death in a free-for-all until only one remains. (It will not be necessary to cut off your opponents’ heads). (Finalists will avail of half an hour more for repairs and improvements).

But that is not all. The winner of this round will be declared champion of the people… but to be the absolute victor! The best constructor! The cutest seedybot!!! – it must confront the Beast engendered in the fires of Mordor by a team of hardware Dwarf Orgs! (The bit about the Dwarfs isn’t true, but the shoe fits). 

It’s not that you won't receive extras – you’ve already won – but, seriously, are you going to let Orga laugh at your pipsqueak robot? Show us we’re mistaken!!!

We await you at Hardware on Saturday at 18:00. Don’t forget to register over the Intranet, since slots are limited to 6 groups.

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