I am UnskilledProjects, or Sandra, which is simpler – a Galician cosplayer since 2014. I have always liked handicrafts and giving free rein to my creativity. When I started in the world of cosplay, I didn’t even know how to hold a needle, but little by little I learned and discovered my passion for sewing, creating costumes and my own designs.


First Prize Cosplay Runway - Hobbycon Winter 2018 A Coruña

First Prize Cosplay Runway - ExpoCosplay 2018 Pontevedra

First Prize Cosplay Runway - Hobbycon Winter 2019 A Coruña

Special Mention CaptainGhostly - CometCon ‘19 Oviedo

First Prize Cosplay Contest - Aonime ‘19 Portugal

Best Execution Cosplay Runway - Expotaku A Coruña 2019


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