Cosplay Runway Rules


The Cosplay Runway or catwalk will be held on Saturday, July 27, at the OpenGune main stage, under the terms set in these rules for participation. Those attending who want to participate and are not present in the designated area at the appointed time will be automatically disqualified and may not opt for the jury’s prize.

People of all ages may participate in this show, subject to supervision by a family member if they are younger than 16.


This contest will take place on Saturday, July 27, at 12:00 o’clock, within the framework of the Euskal Encounter, which will be held from July 25 to 28, 2019. Participants must form a line at one of the stage accesses and wait for their turn.


1. Registration will be in person starting at 10:00 until the 50 slots available are filled, or until 11:30, which is when registration will close, at the area of the OpenGune cosplay stand on the day of the event itself.

Should the number of persons registered exceed the number of slots set for the contest, contest registration will likewise be closed. Once the slots set are covered, no other application to participate will be accepted.

2. Participants must indicate: Name, Nickname and Character Portrayed upon registering, and participate in the runway.

3. Participating cosplayers in this runway may parade solo or as a group. Participations will be assessed on an individual basis, not as groups.

4. The order of appearance at the contest will be assigned in order of registration.

Holding the Cosplay Runway

1. Since the Cosplay Runway basically takes the form of a fashion show, the participant must pose so that the audience and the jury can appreciate the cosplay entry. They must also pose for the photographers present. No performances or props will be admitted.

2. Cosplay entries from any source will be admitted, and those based on fan arts, gender-bending, live performances relating to the manga, anime, videogame and/or series, or animated and live-image film theme concerned will be accepted.

3. The categories to be awarded are:

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize


The prizes shall be highlighted in the Prizes section of the contest website.

Prohibited Effects

1. Effects that may dirty the stage, along with liquids and pyrotechnics, are prohibited. Use of materials of this sort will automatically disqualify the contestant.

2. In accordance with Royal Decree 137/1993 on Weapons Regulation, the use of firearms, metal weapons and other blunt objects or imitations thereof which, due to their characteristics, may lead to confusion as to their true nature, are prohibited.

3. The use of elements physically harmful to persons, as well as pyrotechnics and flammable materials, is likewise prohibited. Only imitation weapons made of plastic, cardboard and other materials not harmful to either contestants or the audience shall be allowed.


1. The participants fully and exclusively cede the image rights to any video or photos taken by the Euskal Encounter audio-visual team to Euskal Encounter for use anywhere in the world throughout the maximum term provided for by applicable law.

2. . The Euskal Encounter shall exercise the rights of exploitation (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) over the images exclusively for the event, being able to utilize the documentation on any support it considers convenient, whereby such use shall not give the participants a right to compensation or profit or any sort apart from the prizes won.

The Jury

1. The jury is composed of Cosplayers with long and extensive experience, and winners of other international contests.

2. The jury for the Cosplay Runway, which shall be held as set forth in these rules of the Euskal Encounter, shall be composed of experienced cosplayers.

3. The decision of the jury shall be irrevocable.

Fraud in Participation

1. The organizers reserve the right to exclude any participant from this contest if any indication of fraud exists with regard to participation.

2. The organizers likewise reserve the right to withdraw any contestant from participating should they write inappropriate comments.

3. Participants using false profiles or other mechanisms of fraud to participate in this contest shall also be eliminated from it.

4. The organizers reserve the right to request official documents to attest to the identity of participants, should these turn out the winners.

Causes of Force Majeure

The organizers reserve the right to annul the contest should reasons of force majeure making such measure recommendable arise, without being subject to claims of any sort.

Amendments to the Rules

The organizers reserve the right to make any amendments, suppressions and/or additions to these promotional rules at any time.

Acceptance of these Rules:

Mere participation presupposes the full acceptance of these rules, whereby the Jury is authorized to resolve any possible unforeseen incident.

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